Langtang Helicopter Tour

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Langtang is that the most stunning natural depression in the Kingdom of Nepal lies to the north of national capital natural depression and bordering with Sitsang. the world is well-liked owing to Langtang park that contains a large style of climatical zones, from subtropic to alpine. Langtang park was established in 1976 A.D. that covers the world of 1710 sq. kilometer and well-liked for the ounce, Clouded Leopard, deer, and procyonid. There are stories of legendary creature sightings. The park conjointly contains the Gosainkunda Lake- the sacred website of Hindus. The village is totally recovered from the trauma of large avalanche followed by the earthquake in Apr 2015. The teahouses arable to welcome the tourists currently. Langtang natural depression chopper Tour supply the luxurious choice of a chain of mountains expertise. Few hours Langtang chopper flight from national capital takes you shut to the northern Langtang range|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} range which has the varied peaks specifically Langtang Lirung (7,234 m), Langtang Ri(7,205 m), Dorje Lakpa(6,966 m), Loenpo Gang (6,979 m), Changbu(6,781 m), Yansa Tsenji (6,690 m), Kyunga Ri(6,601m), Dogpache(6,562 m), Langshisha Ri(6,427 m), Gangchenpo (6,387 m), Morimoto (6,150 m), Tsogaka (5,846 m) and Yala Peak (5,520 m). The chopper rubber-necking of Langtang natural depression conjointly covers the beautiful views of Langtang natural depression lies on the lap of the mountain chain. Finally, chopper lands at Kyangin Gompa to require some life unforgettable glimpses of flying over mountain chain in the Kingdom of Nepal. Langtang scenic chopper flight starts from national capital airdrome and flies towards north chasing the Langtang vary that gives the attractive scenery of range and Langtang natural depression. The flight conjointly covers the read of the holy lake Gosaikunda and Tamang settlement with the marvelous landscape.

Massif Holidays organizes Langtang natural depression chopper tour in charter basis for people, couples, families, and cluster of friends. Please contact the United States for the offered date of Langtang natural depression chopper tour or to arrange your trip to deal with your necessities.

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